Answers to Seller Questions

1.  What price can I expect?  

  • We will discuss the Right Price Analysis that we bring and you will determine your list price after considering our recommendations!

2.  What is your track record?  

  • We have helped over 300 clients sell & buy homes over the past nine years, 46 in just 2015!

3.  How will you market my home?  

  • We utilize aggressive and innovative marketing strategies like Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube and more.  

4.  How long will it take to sell?  

  • This will be determined by price and the market. Current market conditions are such that homes are selling very, very quickly. However, our track record going back over 9 years is an average of 44 days.

5.  Who will I be working with?  

  • Lisa Russell. She is dedicated to guiding you through the listing and selling process!

6.  How will you be updating me?  

  • Your choice!  Phone, Text, Email are all available to you.   

7.  How often will you communicate with me?  

  • A report is sent weekly followed up by a phone call. Unless you prefer text.

8.  Do you provide staging? 

  • Absolutely and at NO cost to you! Lisa is a certified stager.

9.  Why is the Zestimate value different than yours?  

  • Zillow does NOT have access to sold prices therefore they are only guessing at your homes value. 

10.  How much will it cost me to sell?  

  • A seller net sheet will be provided to you at our meeting. It will break out all fee's associated with selling your home.