Plans For Bike Lanes in Coppell Taking Shape

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Taking Shape

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On Tuesday, April 12, the Coppell City Council approved recommendations as outlined by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The plan aims to promote healthy lifestyles and safe trail/bikeway facilities through improving and prioritizing bicycle and pedestrian accommodations throughout the City, and offers suggestions as to how multiple modes of transportation could coexist as future development occurs.

The plan includes recommendations for improving conditions, creating awareness, and establishing guidelines for future amenities and policies related to bicycle and pedestrian safety. The recommendations propose bicycle and pedestrian networks, programs that include education and enforcement criteria, and policies to foster a culture where bicycling and walking are a part of daily life for Coppell residents.

Other recommendations were made to establish a bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee, consider a bicycle parking ordinance, develop a sidewalk improvement priority strategy, and adopt policies, processes, and standards that encourage and enhance walking, bicycling and other trail-related activities in Coppell....

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