Temporary Halt to Grapevine's Ban of Airbnb-Style Rentals

Judge Puts Temporary Halt to Grapevine's Plan to Block Airbnb-Style Rentals

A hearing is set for Nov. 1 to help determine if Grapevine can move forward with its ban on short-term-rentals offered through services such as Airbnb.

The city says it has had a long-standing ban on short-term rentals, which it recently updated "following a months-long study and observation period," according to its website.

Enforcement of the ban was set to take effect on Monday, but the city says it was served on Oct. 18 with a lawsuit challenging the ban and seeking a temporary restraining order "to restrict our ability to enforce the ban." 

Tarrant County Judge Kimberly Fitzpatrick signed the restraining order and set next week's hearing, temporarily preventing the law from taking effect.

The lawsuit was filed by seven homeowners who live in Grapevine, Coppell and Southlake and own homes in Grapevine. They contend the city was not actively seeking to block short-term rentals as it was accepting hotel tax dollars. They also said they invested in their properties "for short-term rentals and entered into rental contracts stretching into the future."....

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